The tack strip is a thin piece of wood, between 1 and 2 meters long, studded with hundreds of sharp nails or tacks . The tack strips are nailed, tack side up, to the perimeter of the area being carpeted. Once the underlay is installed, and carpet is stretched over the area, the carpet is firmly anchored to the floor via the tack strips. This prevents the carpet from coming loose over time.

And we have introduced advanced foreign nail strip production equipment,we can produced all kinds and specifications of nail strips for carpet according to customer's requirements.This production line has not only increased the productivity but also promoted optimized application of raw material and uniformity of finished products.


1-3/4''(44cm) extra-widen tack strip, 1220*44*6.4mm

3/4''(20.6cm) tack strip , 1220*20.6*6.4mm 

7/8''(22.2cm)general tack strip, 1220*22.2*6.4mm 

1''(25.4cm)widen tack strip, 1220*25.4*6.4mm 

1-1/4''(33.3cm) widen tack strip, 1220*33.3*6.4mm