Machine Name Roller Dryer
Working width 2650mm 2800mm
Layers 1
Length of heating section 2000mm*8--2000mm*20
Length of cooling section 1-2*2000mm
Transmission speed(m/min) 2-30m
Drying Capacity(m3/h) 2.5-3m3/h/5-7m3/h
Heating medium Saturated steam/thermal oil
Drying temperature 140-170
Steam consumption(kg/h) 2500-7000
Initial moisture content% 75
Final moisture content% 10
Veneer thickness 0.3-6mm
Veneer density 550-600kg/m3
Total Motor power 108.9kw-279kw
Transission motor 5.5kw*3/7.5kw*3/15kw*3
Calorifier motor power 11kw*8--11kw*20
Cooling fan power 2.2kw*2/4+3kw/4*2+3*2
Dimensions of Main Frame 24500*4650*4300/51500*4650*4400
Weight 55-150T